EGA has adopted the Gymnastics NSW Return to Gymnastics Plan with posters promoting physical distancing, hygiene, stay home if unwell, and contact tracing visibly shown throughout the gym. Please read EGA’s COVID-19 Safety Plan. For further information, please view the Gymnastics NSW Return to Gymnastics webpage.

EGA has also made some changes to the way we used to operate in order to cooperate with COVID-19 guidelines:

  • Gymnasts must arrive at EGA in their gym gear, NOT school uniform or other clothes. Our change rooms are currently unavailable.
  • Gymnasts must bring a labelled drink bottle as EGA cannot provide any food or drink due to COVID. We do have a kitchen for gymnasts to refill their water bottles – the water fountain is currently unavailable.
  • All gymnasts’ temperature will be taken before entering the gym.
    • Note: gymnasts may be turned away if their temperature is too high so parents will need to be reachable at all times via phone.
  • Parents are required to communicate with the office via email or phone as only gymnasts and staff are allowed inside the gym.
  • DROP OFF will be at the front of the gym, and PICK UP will be at the back of the gym.
    • Note: Classes finishing at 7:30pm through Monday – Friday and 2:30pm on Saturday’s will need to be PICKED UP from the front of the gym.

On arrival, there is a 3 gymnast limit allowed in the foyer area to maintain safe distancing while they follow the 3 S’s

  1. Sit on a marked spot
  2. Shoes and ALL belongings packed into a labelled bag and placed on the provided shelves
  3. Hands to be sanitised using provided sanitiser

EGA staff clean our gym equipment in between each rotation (before the next group uses the equipment) and a more in-depth clean and vacuum is completed at the end of each coaching day. The gym also undergoes a professional clean once a week when no-one is in the gym so it is ready, clean and safe for the next week!

The following documents are COVID-19 Guidelines that EGA’s gymnasts, parents and staff will be asked to follow to keep our community safe!

EGA COVID-19 Safety Plan

Return to Gym Guidelines

Club Surface Guidelines

COVID-19 Stop the Spread

COVID-19 Children’s Book

GymNSW Parent Handbook

Reboot Gymnastics Handbook

How to Hand Wash Poster

How to Hand Rub