Pre-school Gymnastics Classes

Please read EGA’s Information Booklet 2024 for all information relevant to our gymnastics programs.

Toddler Class

For children who
are walking – 3yrs old

Kinder Gym

For children aged
3.5yrs – 4yrs old

Kinder Stars

For children aged
4.5yrs – 5yrs old

Pre-school Gymnastics Information

Our Pre-school Gymnastics classes are a motor development program for pre-school children. Toddler Free Play and Kinder Gym classes provide a safe and exciting indoor playground, where a child and their parents can learn and play together, whereas, Kinder Stars provide your child with the opportunity to develop their skills without parent involvement. All these programs are designed to develop fundamental movement patterns, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility through exploratory plays, games, and music.

Please read EGA’s Terms & Conditions prior to class participation.

Pre-school Gymnastics GymNSW annual membership fee = $65.00.
Members of GymNSW must pay an annual registration which entitles them to exclusive offers, competitions, events, and injury insurance cover. EGA is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia. It’s mandatory that the once-off fee be paid prior to class participation. Fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to another club.

For more information, read Pre-school Classes – Parent Information. Please note that parent involvement is mandatory for Toddler Free Play & Kinder Gym.

Sample of Pre-school Gymnastics Weekly Themes

Week 1 

Basic Shapes

Week 2 

Snakes & Ladders

Week 3 

Superhero Week
Dress up as a superhero!

Week 4 

Jump and Land

Week 5 


Week 6

Use Your Muscles

Week 7 

Farm Animal Week

Week 8

Autumn Week
Wear orange, red or yellow!

Week 9

Bring a Buddy Week!
Bring a friend to class!

Week 10 

Under and Over