Bouncing Buddies Play Group

Bouncing Buddies Play Group Information

We are excited to invite you and your toddler to join Bouncing Buddies Play Group, where little ones can come together for a delightful time of fun, play, and interaction with other toddlers. Our playgroup sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday for a duration of 2 hours.

Bouncing Buddy’s is affiliated with Playgroup Australia, ensuring that our program meets the highest standards of early childhood education. We offer a wide range of engaging activities designed to promote learning and development in a playful environment. Some of the activities we have in store for your little one include gymnastics, dance, circus skills, fine motor skill exercises, craft activities, and storytime.

Our playgroup sessions are organised in such a way that they allow toddlers to explore their surroundings freely while also encouraging social interaction with their peers. Please note that our classes follow a non-structured format to ensure that each child has the freedom to learn at their own pace.

To make sure your toddler stays energised during the session, please pack a snack for morning tea. Additionally, we recommend dressing your child in appropriate gym attire to ensure comfort and ease of movement during the various activities.

We look forward to welcoming you and your toddler to Bouncing Buddies Play Group soon!

Please read EGA’s Terms & Conditions prior to class participation.