Competitive Gymnastics Classes

National Stream – Level 1 through to Level 10

State Stream – Level 3 through to Level 7

EGA has Competitive Classes for National Stream Level 1 to Level 10 as well as State Stream Level 3 to Level 7.

Our competitive classes are by selection only for gymnasts who wish to compete in various competitions (both internal at EGA and external at other venues). All gymnasts are required to attend skills testing each term. Please contact us at before enrolling in EGA’s competitive gymnastics. If your child has previously trained in competitive classes at another gym, we recommend that you request a trial for us to see what class would be appropriate for your child and for your child to see if they like our gym! We would love for you and them to join our gymnastics family.

Please read EGA’s Terms & Conditions prior to class participation.

Competitive Gymnastics GymNSW annual membership fee = $132.00.
Members of GymNSW must pay an annual registration which entitles them to exclusive offers, competitions, events, and injury insurance cover. EGA is affiliated with Gymnastics Australia. It’s mandatory that the once-off fee be paid prior to class participation. Fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to another club.

EGA is a registered Active Kids Provider. If you intend to use your Active Kids Voucher for term or holiday camp fees, please complete this form to redeem your voucher prior to enrolling so you can access instructions on how to apply the voucher to your account before checkout by using a promo code.