EGA's Recreation Classes


EGA’s gymnastics classes follow the school term:

  • Term 1 = 29 January till 09 April 2020
  • Term 2 = 28 April till 03 July 2020
  • Term 3 = 21 July till 25 September 2020
  • Term 4 = 12 October till 19 December 2020


Please select your child’s class based on their school age/school year in 2020.

Pre-school Classes

  • Pre-school (walking age – 2.5yrs) = EGA Toddlers class
  • Preschool (2.5yrs-4.5yrs) = Kindergym
  • Starting school in 2020 (4.5yrs-5yrs) = Kinderstars

After-school Classes

  • Kindergarten – Year 1 (5yrs-7yrs) = Beginner Recreation
  • Year 2 – Year 3 (7yrs-9yrs) = Intermediation Recreation
  • Year 3 (9yrs) = Gym Skills
  • Year 4 – Year 6 (10yrs-12yrs) = Advance Recreation
  • High-school students (13yrs-16yrs) = Teen Gym
  • Adults (16+) = Adult/Open Gym

How To Register

Please view the REGISTRATION INFORMATION PAGE for information on how to register including how to register for Active Kids Vouchers from ServiceNSW.

For further information on these classes, please view the CLASSES INFORMATION PAGE.

Class Descriptions

Brief descriptions of our recreation classes can be found below, but for further information, view the following document: RECREATION CLASSES ON OFFER


Kindergym programs is are movement-based, which involves parent assistance and is designed for children ideally aged 2-5 years. It is a carefully structured program offering all children the chance to improve coordination, balance, rhythm, spatial awareness and develop a positive self-esteem. Our kindergym programs are 45min classes for young children and their care giver conducted in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment AND is coach directed. For more information, please view our KINDER CLASSES page.


In Beginner Recreation, we start to introduce the gymnastics terminology that the children will need to know throughout their gymnastics classes. Basic strength and flexibility skills, as well as strength and conditioning exercises on all apparatuses are also taught in order to help your child progress to the next level of gymnastics.


Gymnasts will continue working through the gymnastics skill progressions on every apparatus, building upon and perfecting the skills that they have learned in the Beginners program. There will also be more emphasis placed on proper body positions and correct gymnastics form.


Gym Skills is established for students who are in year 3. The class will purely be focused on learning various gymnastics and tumbling skills e.g. baranies, backflips, handstands, etc. The focus will be on the students developing skills with the correct technique, timing and precision to ensure they are performed safely. This class runs for 2 hours – one to two days a week.


Gymnasts will continue to work through the gymnastics skill progressions, with an even greater emphasis on proper body positions and correct gymnastics form. They will continue to perfect the skills that have been learnt from the Intermediate class. There will also be added strength and flexibility skills compared to the intermediate classes. Gymnasts can be selected to join the Senior Levels group which are held twice a week or progress to Teen Gym once they are in year 6.


Teen gym provides a program for slightly older gymnasts to learn and develop gymnastics skills at personal rate. Some participants will be ex gymnasts returning to the sport, others may be from the competitive gymnastics who wish to transition to a more non-competitive training with the enjoyment of the sport at a more fun and social outlet that the training brings. You don’t have to have a large knowledge of gymnastics to be in this class. We emphasis on Fitness, Flexibility, strength and Skills.


These classes cater for anyone aged 16 years and older, with the difficulty tailored to the individual’s ability. You are never too old to have a go. The first part of the session is spent on a warm-up including strength, flexibility and basics. The rest of the session is then spent on the gymnasts’ preferred activity. Adult gym provides an opportunity for anyone to try gymnastics, meet new people and have some fun! We welcome ex-gymnasts, those who have dabbled in the sport over the years and people who want to try something new. If you would like to experience gymnastics, give EGA’s Adult Class a go!