EGA's Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Beginner Rec

Kindergarten to Year 1

Intermediate Rec

Year 2 to Year 3

Advance Rec

Year 4 to Year 5/6

Gym Skills

Experienced Year 3

Teen Gym

Year 6 to Year 10

Recreational Gymnastics Information

New guidelines  as of 28th September until further notice from NSW health

Under 12 years – No Vaccination or mask wearing required
12 – 15 years – Vaccines are highly preferred, if not vaccinated weekly COVID test results will be required. Mask will be required whilst not exercising.
16 years and over – Vaccination is required (as per the health order). Mask will be required whilst not exercising

EGA Recreational Gymnastics aims to cater for all ages and all abilities ranging from 18 months to adults as well as beginner to advanced athletes. Absolutely no experience is required!

Gymnastics provides a sound foundation in movement patterns for both boys and girls. This allows them to develop their whole body and is useful in many (if not all) other sports. Gymnastics contributes to general fitness, coordination, agility, strength, balance and speed (GYMNSW).

All of our recreational classes are divided by year group at school. This allows us to ensure that all our younger gymnasts are learning the fundamentals to all skills and the older gymnasts are putting these fundaments to good use in achieving new skills! For information regarding each recreational class, please read EGA’s class descriptions.

For more information regarding EGA’s terms & conditions, as well as policies and procedures, please read the Eastern Gymnastics Academy Handbook.