EGA's Pre-school Gymnastics Classes

EGA Toddler

For children who
are walking – 3yrs old

EGA Kinder Gym

For children aged
3yrs – 4yrs old

EGA Kinder Stars

For children aged
4yrs – 4.5yrs old

Pre-school Gymnastics Information

Our Pre-school Gymnastics classes are a motor development program for pre-school children.
EGA Toddler Free Play and EGA Kinder Gym classes provide a safe and exciting indoor playground, where a child and their parents can learn and play together, whereas, EGA Kinder Stars provides your child with the opportunity to develop their skills without parent involvement.

All these programs are designed to develop fundamental movement patterns, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, specific gymnastic skills and fine and gross motor skills through exploratory plays, games and music.

EGA Toddler Free Play, EGA Kinder Gym, and EGA Kinder Stars builds your child’s self-esteem and confidence to help prepare them for pre-school and school by practising learning to share, listening to instructions and making friends.

For more information, read Pre-school Classes – Parent Information. Please note that parent involvement is mandatory for EGA Toddler Free Play & EGA Kinder Gym.

Try Before You Buy

Sorry, EGA’s TBYB Event for Term 2 has finished! Make sure to stay tuned to catch Term 3’s event.

Drop In Gymnastics

Drop-in to EGA and have some fun with us in our gymnastics classes! Everyone welcome.

Pre-school Gymnastics Weekly Themes – Term 2

Week 1 – 19/04


Week 2 – 26/04

Dress up in orange/yellow

Week 3 – 03/05

Mother’s Day
Wear mum’s favourite colour!

Week 4 – 10/05

Roll Like A Log

Week 5 – 17/05


Week 6 – 24/05


Week 7 – 31/05

Blowing in the Wind

Week 8 – 07/06

Upside Down

Week 9 – 14/06

Winter Time
Dress up in blue!

Week 10 – 21/06

Bring a Buddy
Bring a friend/toy to class!