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Suitable for Children 2-4 years. Kinder-Gym is a 45min class for young children and their care giver which conducted in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment. It’s a perfect activity to prepare children for long-term participation in the sport of gymnastics and develop vital life skills. Kinder-gym is designed to improve your child’s basic movement patterns while having fun and learning.
It is the only program for children under age of 5 that is endorsed by GYMNASTICS AUSTRALIA.
Outcomes of Kinder-Gym

Improve Gross Motor Skills

  • Jumping, Swinging, climbing, balancing and hanging
  • Stretching
  • Safe landings
  • Safety rolls
  • Movement to music
  • Stronger Core

Ability to understand simple instructions from both parent and coach. The child to interact safely with their peers, other adults and coach.
Parents Participation
Parents/Carers are expected to be involved in the class with their toddler at all times. Parents are asked to assist their child throughout class which  is coach directed. Parents are expected to be a good role model to their child by modelling appropriate behavior and encouraging their child throughout class.

Tiny Talents
Is a class for our accelerated Kindy Gym gymnasts (morning classes) which they are showing Gross Motor skills of a 4/5 year old.
Training requirements: Tiny Talents – 1-2  days per week (age 3-4)

Coco & NailaJuniors

Recreational Gymnastics is for any student wishing to learn basic to advance gymnastics at the Recreational level. Our Recreational classes  at EGA are divided into age groups. This allows the gymnasts to progress to the different levels of Recreation with out having to commit to Levels or any development training. Recreational gymnastics is a great platform to develop dancers, kids in athletics, swimming and other sports.

All gymnasts who have no gymnastics background are recommended to start in our recreational class. Gymnasts who are showing talent and ability will be assessed and offered a more advance class.
Our Recreational Classes run Monday – Saturday (Saturday Junior Recreation only) Come along  & join in the FUN!


Junior Recreation/Beginner  – 1 Hour
Kindergarten to Year 1 – (Age 5-6)
In Junior Recreation we start to introduce the gymnastics terminology that the children will need to know throughout their gymnastics classes. Basic strength and flexibility skills, as well as strength and conditioning exercises on all apparatuses are also taught in order to help your child progress to the next level of gymnastics

High school student (Year 7 to 12)
Teen gym provides a program for slightly older gymnasts to learn and develop gymnastics skills at personal rate. Some participants will be ex  gymnasts returning to the sport, others may be from the competitive gymnastics who wish to transition to a more non competitive training with the enjoyment of the sport at a more fun and social outlet that the training brings. You don’t have to have a large knowledge of gymnastics to be in this class. Emphasis is on fitness, flexibility, strength and skills.

Increase fitness and muscle tone with this total body workout. Adult gym is an opportunity for anyone to try gymnastics, meet new people and have some fun! We welcome ex gymnasts, those who have dabbled in the sport over the years and people who want to try something new. If you would like the gymnastics experience, give EGA Adult Gym a GO!

Participants are selected for this programs as a result of their gymnastics ability, and often quick progression through the recreational program. The main difference between recreational program and competitive programs (apart from the increase of training ) is the focus on correct technique, body shape and specialization of specific pieces of apparatus.
Children who are selected for the competitive stream are required to complete talent identification screening and a trial period by the head coach. There are a range of opportunities for children who demonstrate a natural talent for the sport in that there are 2 different streams in gymnastics depending on age, ability and commitment. This is called the Australian Levels Program (ALP) which will allow the appropriate pathway to for gymnasts to develop their full athletic potential, facilitating athletes to cross between National and International Levels. The
International Levels program allows athletes to reach their gymnastics potential with the ability to be fast tracked to international standard within the appropriate age range.

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National Levels 3-10 Competition program
The WAG National Levels Competition program consists of a progressive development of skilled performances based on a modified FIG Code of Points

  • National Level 3-5 perform a compulsory routine with a maximum score of 10.0
  • Optional routine choreography is introduced in National level 6 with compulsory elements.
  • A mix of compulsory and optional elements with no bonus is require at National level 7 & 8.
  • At National 9, with limited bonus, and National Level 10 with unlimited bonus, optional skills in optional routines will be performed with set composition requirements.
    Training requirements: National Level 3 – 3 days per week (age 7-8 years)
    National Level 4 & 5 – 4 days per week (age 8-10 years) & National Level 6 to 10 – 5 days per week (10+ y


Senior Levels 1-6
Gymnasts who from year 5 to high school who wish to have the levels experience without the commitment of the compulsory training days. Gymnasts will compete in division 2.
Training requirements: 2 days per week (age 12-16)

Foundation Level 1 & 2
The Foundation Program (Development 1 & 2) forms the basis of the WAG Australian Levels Program and is a skill based program that includes the opportunity for every WAG gymnast to commence at the same starting point. This skill program is supported by the physical and skill testing program and has no competition focus.
Development 1 & 2 consists of flexible skill based circuits. It is a non-competitive  program.

Training requirements: Development 1 – 2 days per week (age 5-6 year)
Development 2 – 3 days per week (age6-7 year)

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